Businesses That Homeowners Should Know

Owning a home can be fun. You have your own property that you can do anything with right? However many people fail to look at all the other work that goes into a home. First are the obvious ones such as paying a mortgage and paying property taxes. Then you have the general maintenance that comes with owning your own home.

  • Lawn – this may be an easy task if you have a yard that isn’t that big but if you have a large yard and one that is also littered with hills, mowing a yard and keeping up with it can be quite a chore. You can also avoid this by outsourcing a company to do your lawn such as a landscaping company.
  • HVAC- heating and cooling your home are very important especially if you live in an area where the summers get pretty warm and the winters bring snow and ice. According to, a typical cost of a repair can be anywhere between $500-$5,000 depending on the severity of the repair and what equipment needs replaced or fixed.
  • Roofing – This may be a one time repair but if you buy a house that has been around for some time now, chances are you may need to replace the roof while you own it. This can be very costly as averages prices start at the $10,000 range.
  • Home Remodeling- You may want to update your home if it is an older house. Remodeling a house can be frustrating, timely, and costly as well, kitchen remodeling┬ácompanies report that a kitchen can cost up to $50,000 or more. The good news is that you will be adding value to your home which will benefit you later on when it’s time to sell it.
  • Movers – When it does come time to sell your home you may want to take the stress out of packing up everything and moving. You can contact a moving company and they will do all the heavy lifting for you, pun intended. They can also provide storage facilities if you aren’t looking to move but need some extra space.
  • Fire Safety – Keeping your home ready to fight any emergency is important. Perhaps a fire suppression system is what you need? Maybe a fire extinguisher. These items can be cheap or expensive depending which item you need.

These are just a few of the many businesses that a homeowner may want to keep handy or develop a business relationship now so that you know who to contact if and when you need them.

Winter Blues For Limousine Companies

Thanksgiving was yesterday which means that winter is officially on its way if it isn’t already here for some parts of the U.S. Some seasonal businesses will start to see a drop off in sales and customers because of this. That is unless you live in an area where temperatures stay relatively seasonal all year round such as California.

Businesses such as pool installers/cleaners and lawn care generally drop off for the season in most parts of the country. These are some of th obvious industries that see a slowdown in ┬ábusiness because of the seasons but they doesn’t mean there are other industries that get affected to the seasonal changes.

Limousine companies are one of these businesses. Limo companies don’t do as much business in the winter months because many people don’t throw as many lavish and expensive parties. Besides the Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties, many people don’t go out and spend that much money or like to get all dolled up and go out in the cold. The summer months bring out the long summer nights, the wild parties, and people spending lots and lots of money. A Pittsburgh Limo Service company says “profits begin to drop off in November and after the new year, they really drop until about March time frame.”

March is when the weather begins to break open from the cold and that is also when bookings for Prom start to be placed. There are some other events in the winter time like Super Bowl and Valentine’s Day, but other than that we aren’t as steady as the other times of the year says Bob, owner of BM Limo. Bob has been in the limo business for over 20 years and he has done a great job in keeping business steady throughout the winter months.

Carpet Cleaning Bonanza

Nobody likes to come home and see a dirty floor. The same goes for dirty carpets. Look, whether you believe it or not, carpets are a part of the dwelling that you reside in and/or do business out of. Carpets actually have a stand on the value of your property. Ever since the economic down fall of 2007, more and more people started updating their existing homes instead of purchasing a new one. It is a precedent that has been unheard of for at least 60 years!

Carpet Cleaning in Nashua has seen their figures double and triple in sales with many of them repeat customers as well. The owner of one company tells me that the economy is not all to grant the credit. Many companies have been teaching and informing others how important their floors and carpets are to their homes. That is what we have done. We have spent a lot of time explaining to our customers that getting your carpets cleaned isn’t just for move outs or for after the holidays. The amount of dirt and bacteria that can build up in your carpets is astounding and for the first time people are really starting to realize that.

Combine that with the economy and that people don’t want the burden of finding a new home and taking on more debt. It is much easier and wiser to update your existing one and try and wait out the housing market to get a return or not a significant loss on their property. Carpet Cleaning Pittsburgh Pro has seen the same effect in their market as well. They see a lot more people taking the time to reinvest in their homes. The costs of getting a carpet professionally cleaned has also helped as well. Being able to bring the costs down a little bit plus inflation, people tend to think that $100 or $150 to get your carpets cleaned by professionals with no hassles of doing it themselves is well worth it.

Only time will tell if this increase in business is here to stay for the long haul or if this is just another business cycle depending on economics.


Is Big G Considered A Monopoly?

Today most people use the Internet to find things through the use of search engines. There are really only a few search engines that people use. Google is the number one search engine in the world with Yahoo and Bing behind them. A recent study was performed by a local economics professor at a college to determine what search engines people use. Out of 50 students, 42 students reported that Google was their primary search engine for searching online. JK, it is actually 49 out of 50. That is staggering proof of the foot hold that big Google has in the market of search. A big question looms though, is Google a monopoly? If so can any legislation be held against them?

Google, being the primary market leader in the industry of search has its own line of products and services to offer its users. It also creates many of the policies that govern how content is found in the search engines, not just their own either. Yahoo and Bing end up either adopting the same policies as Google, or they create very similar ones. The barrier to entry for this market is very tough. Google has spent millions on other investments to help pour more money into search. What effects can happen if they are legislated by a governed body to split up?

We met up with a local Pittsburgh SEO to find out what if any impacts any action would have on them. Our contact mentions that it will be difficult to break apart a company that has well established trust and authority. If Google is forced to break apart, many of its users will still stay in tact which is primarily how they grew to become such a search giant. The policies they create is already adopted by other search engines so it is almost as if Google will be punished for being innovative, smart, and having leadership at the forefront of this industry. When you look at it from that point of view it kind of becomes silly don’t you think?

As far as SEO is considered, SEO’s won’t see much change because their job is to make content be found in any search engine regardless of the company. Plus many of Google’s regulations and guidelines to SEO is already adopted in the other search engines so nothing new will really happen. It would be interesting to see how a monopoly would be regulated in an information world or field such as this since this is an area that has never been crossed yet. We shall see what the future holds, not just for search engine optimization but for the digital world as a whole.

Surgery Centers Surge in Profits

Plastic Surgery is a costly procedure. You would think that in this economy, people would shy away from big ticket purchases.

You would think huh? That is not the case for plastic surgery centers across the nation. Our studies have suggested that consumers are purchasing more even with the pain of the recession still in the short past.

We have seen that people who are divorced are more likely to get this type of procedure which costs anywhere between 10 thousand dollars up to 25 thousand bucks!

Divorcees are over 60% more likely to spend their hard earned money making themselves look better. In fact women ages 38-55 who are divorced are 88% more likely than men to get a plastic surgery procedure done.

That says a lot and they might be using the money from that divorce settlement to look younger and better in order to quickly find a new mate. A Fairfax plastic surgery center is raking in profits because of others misfortunes.

It is quite interesting and amazing that a business and industry is booming because of somebody else’s unfortunate situation.

Plastic Surgery practices are seeing an increase by 25% just in the DC area and outlying areas. Now granted this area is flooded with higher income people, perhaps that is the case.

According to our study though it is the average citizen with an average income that is spending the big bucks in order to look better.

One question still remains. Will this industry continue to boom as the economy improves?

That has yet to be answered, but right now there is no sign of it slowing down.

For practices such as Mark Allen, they are profiting and raking in the profits hand over fist.

They offer a plethora of image and beauty enhancements including Breast augmentation (Boob Job) nose job, butt lifts, liposuction, lip enhancement, and Botox.

Botox is popular but in the DC area, Botox is sky high popular.

Up next from Botox is Breast enlargements.

If you get a divorce, you may want to look into getting plastic surgery, apparently it is the cool thing to do these days after a divorce.

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