Businesses That Homeowners Should Know

Owning a home can be fun. You have your own property that you can do anything with right? However many people fail to look at all the other work that goes into a home. First are the obvious ones such as paying a mortgage and paying property taxes. Then you have the general maintenance that comes with owning your own home.

  • Lawn – this may be an easy task if you have a yard that isn’t that big but if you have a large yard and one that is also littered with hills, mowing a yard and keeping up with it can be quite a chore. You can also avoid this by outsourcing a company to do your lawn such as a landscaping company.
  • HVAC- heating and cooling your home are very important especially if you live in an area where the summers get pretty warm and the winters bring snow and ice. According to, a typical cost of a repair can be anywhere between $500-$5,000 depending on the severity of the repair and what equipment needs replaced or fixed.
  • Roofing – This may be a one time repair but if you buy a house that has been around for some time now, chances are you may need to replace the roof while you own it. This can be very costly as averages prices start at the $10,000 range.
  • Home Remodeling- You may want to update your home if it is an older house. Remodeling a house can be frustrating, timely, and costly as well, kitchen remodeling┬ácompanies report that a kitchen can cost up to $50,000 or more. The good news is that you will be adding value to your home which will benefit you later on when it’s time to sell it.
  • Movers – When it does come time to sell your home you may want to take the stress out of packing up everything and moving. You can contact a moving company and they will do all the heavy lifting for you, pun intended. They can also provide storage facilities if you aren’t looking to move but need some extra space.
  • Fire Safety – Keeping your home ready to fight any emergency is important. Perhaps a fire suppression system is what you need? Maybe a fire extinguisher. These items can be cheap or expensive depending which item you need.

These are just a few of the many businesses that a homeowner may want to keep handy or develop a business relationship now so that you know who to contact if and when you need them.