Carpet Cleaning Bonanza

Nobody likes to come home and see a dirty floor. The same goes for dirty carpets. Look, whether you believe it or not, carpets are a part of the dwelling that you reside in and/or do business out of. Carpets actually have a stand on the value of your property. Ever since the economic down fall of 2007, more and more people started updating their existing homes instead of purchasing a new one. It is a precedent that has been unheard of for at least 60 years!

Carpet Cleaning in Nashua has seen their figures double and triple in sales with many of them repeat customers as well. The owner of one company tells me that the economy is not all to grant the credit. Many companies have been teaching and informing others how important their floors and carpets are to their homes. That is what we have done. We have spent a lot of time explaining to our customers that getting your carpets cleaned isn’t just for move outs or for after the holidays. The amount of dirt and bacteria that can build up in your carpets is astounding and for the first time people are really starting to realize that.

Combine that with the economy and that people don’t want the burden of finding a new home and taking on more debt. It is much easier and wiser to update your existing one and try and wait out the housing market to get a return or not a significant loss on their property. Carpet Cleaning Pittsburgh Pro has seen the same effect in their market as well. They see a lot more people taking the time to reinvest in their homes. The costs of getting a carpet professionally cleaned has also helped as well. Being able to bring the costs down a little bit plus inflation, people tend to think that $100 or $150 to get your carpets cleaned by professionals with no hassles of doing it themselves is well worth it.

Only time will tell if this increase in business is here to stay for the long haul or if this is just another business cycle depending on economics.