Surgery Centers Surge in Profits

Plastic Surgery is a costly procedure. You would think that in this economy, people would shy away from big ticket purchases.

You would think huh? That is not the case for plastic surgery centers across the nation. Our studies have suggested that consumers are purchasing more even with the pain of the recession still in the short past.

We have seen that people who are divorced are more likely to get this type of procedure which costs anywhere between 10 thousand dollars up to 25 thousand bucks!

Divorcees are over 60% more likely to spend their hard earned money making themselves look better. In fact women ages 38-55 who are divorced are 88% more likely than men to get a plastic surgery procedure done.

That says a lot and they might be using the money from that divorce settlement to look younger and better in order to quickly find a new mate. A Fairfax plastic surgery center is raking in profits because of others misfortunes.

It is quite interesting and amazing that a business and industry is booming because of somebody else’s unfortunate situation.

Plastic Surgery practices are seeing an increase by 25% just in the DC area and outlying areas. Now granted this area is flooded with higher income people, perhaps that is the case.

According to our study though it is the average citizen with an average income that is spending the big bucks in order to look better.

One question still remains. Will this industry continue to boom as the economy improves?

That has yet to be answered, but right now there is no sign of it slowing down.

For practices such as Mark Allen, they are profiting and raking in the profits hand over fist.

They offer a plethora of image and beauty enhancements including Breast augmentation (Boob Job) nose job, butt lifts, liposuction, lip enhancement, and Botox.

Botox is popular but in the DC area, Botox is sky high popular.

Up next from Botox is Breast enlargements.

If you get a divorce, you may want to look into getting plastic surgery, apparently it is the cool thing to do these days after a divorce.