Winter Blues For Limousine Companies

Thanksgiving was yesterday which means that winter is officially on its way if it isn’t already here for some parts of the U.S. Some seasonal businesses will start to see a drop off in sales and customers because of this. That is unless you live in an area where temperatures stay relatively seasonal all year round such as California.

Businesses such as pool installers/cleaners and lawn care generally drop off for the season in most parts of the country. These are some of th obvious industries that see a slowdown in ┬ábusiness because of the seasons but they doesn’t mean there are other industries that get affected to the seasonal changes.

Limousine companies are one of these businesses. Limo companies don’t do as much business in the winter months because many people don’t throw as many lavish and expensive parties. Besides the Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties, many people don’t go out and spend that much money or like to get all dolled up and go out in the cold. The summer months bring out the long summer nights, the wild parties, and people spending lots and lots of money. A Pittsburgh Limo Service company says “profits begin to drop off in November and after the new year, they really drop until about March time frame.”

March is when the weather begins to break open from the cold and that is also when bookings for Prom start to be placed. There are some other events in the winter time like Super Bowl and Valentine’s Day, but other than that we aren’t as steady as the other times of the year says Bob, owner of BM Limo. Bob has been in the limo business for over 20 years and he has done a great job in keeping business steady throughout the winter months.